Google Authorship Services

Add the PR-Based Power of Google Author Ranking to Your Site

Search Engine ResultsYears ago, Google realized that providing their users with better results would hinge on identifying and ranking the very people who produced those results. Until the launch of Google+, they had a great idea but no viable way to actually get it off the ground. Now they have everything they need: the idea (Agent Rank), the identity platform (Google+), and the verification method (Google Authorship).

Google Authorship Ranking Criteria

  1. Google Plus Engagement
  2. Page Rank
  3. Website +1’s & shares
  4. Conversation about an author or website
  5. Number of circles an author or website is in
  6. Frequency of posts (on-site and off)
  7. Comment engagement on posts (on-site and off)
  8. Non-Google social signals

At BizVizable of Vancouver, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of what’s coming next in the digital advertising world. Google Authorship is an important factor that Google is using to weed out spam displayed in search results.

Our Google Authorship Services Include:

  • Adding Google Authorship to website or blog
  • Building Authorship profile and optimize
  • Creating content that gets pluses
  • Getting more followers on Google+
  • Sharing content
  • Adding authority G+ users
  • Attracting comments on blogs and on Google+
  • Marking up existing content with authorship code
  • Building author rank to become an expert in business niches

Get your Authorship set up today and claim your online stake with Google!