Convert Website Visitors into Customers

Are you looking to get more phone calls for your local business?

I guarantee there is someone right now searching the Internet for a service that you provide.

The Internet has almost replaced the paper yellow pages. In the past, someone opened up the big yellow book and found some companies that offered your services and starting calling a few. Nowadays, there is much more information at the consumer’s fingertips.

First, they perform a search in Google. Like for a “plumber in Dallas” or a “preschool in Costa Mesa” or a “mattress store in Los Angeles” or possibly “Dentist Miami.”

So the first step in getting you more calls for your business is to make sure you show up on the first page of Google. And then sometimes the first page isn’t good enough; you really need to be in the top 3 in Google searches.

The next step is, once the consumer finds your website, you have to convince them in less then 3 seconds to stay and find out more about your business.

Now on to Step 3. A potential customer likes what you’ve shown them via your website. So what do they do now? They type your business name into Google. Why do they do this? To find reviews and more information about your business. In other words, what do previous customers have to say about you?

Then, finally, you might get the phone call. It’s a process, but if the process is done correctly, you can significantly increase the chances of receiving phone calls from the Internet.

The goal of our Local SEO service, BizVizable Vancouver, is to get your website in the position to turn this person into a paying customer. Over 95% of all search engine traffic is divided among the top five results on the first page of the search engines. This means if you want to drive any noticeable traffic to your website from the search engines, it needs to be in at least one of these top five positions!

It’s time to get started and make your phone ring. Submit a form for a FREE proposal and BizVizable of Vancouver WA can deliver a plan to dominate your competition, get your phone to ring, and lead more customers to your door.